Which shop in Mumbai has the best prices for Paithani silk sarees?

The treasure of Maharashtrian culture, the original paithani sarees in Mumbai is becoming well-known worldwide due to their distinctiveness. This saree is cherished and passed down from one generation to another generation as a priceless heirloom by women, especially in India.You might be surprised to know that because the Paithani silk saree in Mumbai is the finest, every bride, especially in Maharashtra and Gujarat, only wear it on their special day. The border and pallu are the key highlights of pure paithani sarees in Mumbai, which are renowned for their but are worldwide. If you're looking for its unique pallu, it has peacock designs woven with golden zari. Indian women are always looking best pathani saree shop in Mumbai then, I recommended Om Paithani because they provide Brocket peacock borders, paithani silk sarees, and handloom cotton paithani sarees with beautiful pallu.