Understanding the Retainer Set Kit

Retainer Case: A durable and hygienic case specifically designed to store your retainers when they are not in use. The case provides protection from damage and keeps the retainers clean and safe.
Cleaning Tablets or Solution: Retainer cleaning tablets or solutions are specially formulated to effectively remove bacteria, plaque, and odor from your retainers. They help maintain hygiene and freshness.
Cleaning Brush: A small cleaning brush with soft bristles is included in the kit. It allows you to gently scrub the retainers, ensuring thorough cleaning and removal of any debris.
Retainer Removal Tool: This tool assists in the easy removal of your retainers, especially if they fit tightly. It helps prevent any damage to the retainers or discomfort during removal.
Instruction Guide: An instruction guide or booklet provides step-by-step instructions on how to clean, store, and care for your retainers. It offers valuable tips and guidelines for maintaining the longevity of your retainers.