Rotary Means Business Fellowship (RMBF)

Rotary Means Business Fellowship (RMBF) is a specialized network within Rotary International that brings together like-minded professionals and business leaders who share a commitment to high ethical standards in both their professional and Rotary activities. Established in 2014, this fellowship aims to foster the principles of the Rotary Four-Way Test within the business community, promoting integrity and ethical business practices. RMBF serves as a bridge between Rotary's commitment to service and the business community's pursuit of professional excellence. By fostering ethical business practices, networking opportunities, and community service, RMB members contribute to the overarching goal of Rotary International – making a positive impact in both the professional and humanitarian spheres. Rotary Means Business Fellowship is operating in more than 43 countries & 180 chapters worldwide. RMBF India has 16 plus Chapters under its umbrella.