Pandit Ji for Akhand Ramayan Puja

The Akhand Ramayan Path is seen as auspicious for starting any new endeavor, including a business, moving into a new home (Grah Pravesh), having a child, getting married, and so on. As Ram Navmi is observed as the day of Lord Rama's birth, it is an auspicious time to perform this puja. "Akhand" means "without interruption" or "unbroken." Therefore, the Akhand Ramayan Path involves repeating the entire poem—all 7 Kaands, or sections—while maintaining uninterrupted recitation of the epic Shri Ramcharitmanas. The Akhand Ramayan Path involves reciting the entire epic of Ramayan constantly, a practice that takes around a day to complete. It brings the family happiness, prosperity, and serenity.
For all india Akhand Ramayan Path, if you have done this puja please reserve a pandit with Astropanditom.