Hampa Pass Trek in Himalayas || Best For the Beginners

The Hampta Pass trek
The Hampta Pass trek is a captivating and diverse adventure nestled in the heart of the Indian Himalayas. This approximately 35-kilometer trek connects the lush Kullu Valley to the arid landscapes of the Lahaul-Spiti Valley. Renowned for its scenic beauty and varying terrains, the trek offers an unforgettable journey through a spectrum of natural landscapes.

**Starting Point: Manali**
The journey typically begins in Manali, a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Trekkers prepare for the expedition, ensuring they have all the necessary gear and supplies. The excitement builds as they embark on a drive to the base camp near Jobra, the starting point of the trek.

**Phases of the Hampta Pass Trek:**
1. **Jobra to Jwara**:
The trek kicks off with a moderate hike from Jobra to Jwara. The path is adorned with pine forests and captivating views of the Rani Nallah. Crossing wooden bridges and meandering through quaint villages, trekkers experience the local way of life.

2. **Jwara to Balu Ka Ghera**:
The landscape transforms as trekkers advance towards Balu Ka Ghera. The lush greenery gives way to a barren terrain surrounded by towering mountains. This section offers a dramatic change in scenery, a prelude to the high-altitude landscapes ahead.