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Urgent care centers have become vital to healthcare, providing immediate and accessible medical care for non-life-threatening conditions. Therefore, these walk-in clinics are a middle ground between primary care physicians and... Read More

Prime Care360: Trusted Primary and Urgent Care Clinic for Exceptional Healthcare Services

As a premier provider of holistic urgent and primary care, Prime360care offers urgent care and family practices across Allen, and Frisco, TX. We bridge the gap between emergency rooms and... Read More

Experienced Primary Care Doctors | Prime Care360

Prime Care360's providers with extensive experience in family medicine establish enduring patient relationships and devotion using empathetic listening and customized medical care recommendations. We emphasize primary care and follow the... Read More

Prime Care360 is proud to be the primary and urgent care provider to the engaging Frisco, TX community and the entire region. Serving the community and our mission, we are... Read More