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CPA after CA | US CPA after CA

"A CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is a designation used for accountants in the US who pass the CPA exam. The question is whether doing CPA after CA is worthy... Read More

"A CPA programmed is someone who has become proficient in all the elements of the accounting profession, which is one of the many reasons, professional organizations seek CPAs for accounting... Read More

ACCA Free Live Online Batch - Bring the classroom right to your home. Book free live demo classes now! visit: Here, what you will get? 1.... Read More

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ACCA LW develops a core level of knowledge and skills around a general legal framework in the context of business. ACCA LW recognizes that candidates are potential accountants, rather than... Read More

ACCA PM Exam provides you with the skills required to apply management accounting techniques to information for planning, decision-making, performance evaluation and control. The aim of the syllabus is to... Read More

In ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) Exam, you get one Integrated Case study having various exhibits running into 10-12 pages or maybe more. This case study has all compulsory questions... Read More

ACCA Advanced Performance Management (APM) will teach you the professional judgement expected of a senior financial executive or advisor, in taking or recommending decisions relating to the financial management of... Read More