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Humanities & Social Sciences | Alfaisal University

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences acts as the foundation of the various university colleges by offering both a wide range of free elective courses in anthropology, philosophy, sociology,... Read More

College of Engineering | Alfaisal University

The College of Engineering at Alfaisal University is committed to provide both graduate and undergraduate students the greatest engineering education possible so they can progress Saudi Arabia and the rest... Read More

Marketing management | Alfaisal University

learning about marketing while focusing on the client and the market. promoting analytical, critical, and strategic thinking. giving pupils the conceptual and analytical skills necessary to handle the difficult managerial... Read More

Human Resources Management | Alfaisal University

Human resource management (HRM or HR), a strategic approach to managing people in a business or organisation, aims to give the company or organisation a competitive advantage. Increasing employee performance... Read More

Undergraduate degree | Alfaisal University

In order to satisfy the demands of the local and international markets and give students the opportunity to be prepared for the workforce, the programme has been established in collaboration... Read More

MBA in Saudi Arabia | Alfaisal University

The College of Business offers two fascinating programmes, including a bachelor's degree in business administration (BBA) with six majors and seven minors. The programmes for business administration at the undergraduate... Read More

Colleges in Saudi Arabia | Alfaisal University

Saudi Arabia is the foundation for Middle Eastern knowledge. Joining to Alfaisal University will provide you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and vision as well as make new friends... Read More

University admissions | Alfaisal University

An individualised educational experience is provided by Alfaisal University's cutting-edge, breadth-driven business, finance, and other courses. We equip graduates with the knowledge and creativity they need to create expansive, flourishing... Read More

Graduate program Saudi Arabia | Alfaisal University

Have you just received your college diploma and are looking for a mate to spend the succeeding years with? Discover our highly regarded graduate programmes in business, science, engineering, and... Read More

Graduate program | Alfaisal University

Alfaisal University College of Business' MBA graduates are equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to seize professional opportunities and respond successfully to difficult business situations.... Read More